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Caprica – trailer – Rebirth – first real Caprica episode coming this week January 25, 2010

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alrighty the pilot – which has been available for months on DVD has now aired on SyFy — so finally this week we can get down to the business of some NEW Caprica episodes

The first one is called Rebirth and SyFy now as an early sneak peek avail – looks Frakkin fine to us!

[clearspring_widget title=”Syfy Video – Rebirth – Caprica – Sneak Peek” wid=”48e10f5e9dbb50aa” pid=”4b5e3cfbe03012ff” width=”400″ height=”400″ domain=”wgtclsp.syfy.com”]


1. Tom Baker - January 28, 2010

I wonder if Caprica will be as popular as Battlestar. I had already seen the DVD so I didn’t watch the TV episode. What did they do about all the sex and nudity?

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