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Dollhouse Cancelled. FOX Fraks SciFi Fans AGAIN. November 11, 2009

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dollhouseIt’s official. FOX is cancelling Dollhouse.

Is anyone surprised?

This is FOX after all, they canceled Firefly and from the very first episode (which was awesome), we knew the FRAKKERS at FOX had their fingers on the button to kill this show.

It’s bad enough the show is on hiatus for the whole month of November too, but the plan is have the full 13 episode second season.

Yeaah we’re pissed.

Then again, Joss Whedon kinda screwed us all over with Season Two so far hasn’t he?

Where is Alpha??? what the frak happened btwn the last episode of Season One and the Season Two episodes. Sure as standalone episode a few of them have been great, but continuity is a problem.

Maybe we’re wrong for blaming FOX, maybe we should blame Joss for not executing on the full vision and giving us the show his fans deserve.



1. Wilhelm2451 - November 12, 2009

As much as I wanted to like Dollhouse, it was no Firefly.

2. Taro - November 12, 2009

It always seems to me that the weakest character on the show was Echo, the one’s with Victor and Sierra always seemed the best.

I honestly expected the second season to follow on from the flash forward episode at the end of S1. Not sure if the US got that one but check it out it could have taken the series in a completely different direction

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