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Dollhouse Belonging – Directed by Riker (aka Jonathan Frakes) – The Best Episode Yet October 24, 2009

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dollhouse What a great episode – Belonging – directed by Star Trek’s Riker (Johnathan Frakes) showed us how Sierra got into the dollhouse

No that party was freaky and disturbing.

When they returned her to the creep, I though ok this is a sad sack ending. But then having Prija/Sierra kick the dudes butt? That was great.

How/why Sierra ended back in the dollhouse after that is a little bit iffy though. I mean why not just set her free? Then again she’s probably not equipped to live in society anymore – at not until Topher can set her totally free.

Overall a brilliantly written, plotted, acted and directed episode that had a great mix of flashback and current action. We were on the edge of our seat until the end. BRAVO!


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