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Stargate Atlantis 4×4 Doppelganger – October 20, 2007

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doppelganger.jpgDoppelganger of course is a term for someone that has the same name as another person – but isn’t the same person…

Having Col. Sheppard ..or EVIL Sheppard as was the case at the doppelganger here was neat..since he’s usually goody two shoes….not as good as say a mirror universe Sheppard…but still solid fun..

Weak episode overall though as we still know nothing about the crystal entity? what did it want? why was it trying to get into their heads?? All the crystal was used for here was as a plot mechanism for EVIL sheppard and not as a way to expand the knowledge of the Pegasus Galaxy – and that just plain sucks.

Highlander The Source – Who wants this series to live forever? September 15, 2007

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The first Highlander movie is an epic cult classic.

Ever since there have been far too many attempts to re-create that magic on the big screen and the small…the latest attempt is on SciFi tonight called Highlander the Source.

After X movies and shows, we’re finally going to figure out how the immortals became immortal.

Trailer is pretty slick..and the show…well..it follow the standard Highlander model..(namely weak’ish ploting, mediocre acting, excellent action and sound and excellent pacing to an ultimate finale where someone loses their head and a Quickening occurs).

My main problem with this show is – what the frak is considered canon for Highlander? I had thought Highlander : Endgame was it…but now? i don’t know.

Isn’t Christopher Lambert supposed tobe the REAL DEAL Highlander?! Sure Adrian Paul is good but??

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet…

Col. Samantha Carter Takes Over Command Of Stargate Atlantis In Season 4 June 23, 2007

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It’s official. Col. Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) takes over command of the Atlantis expedition in Season 4.

Dr. Weir will be removed after either quitting or being fired by the IOC. This isn’t the first time Weir will have been removed from a Stargate command. She was removed from command of the main of SGC too and replaced by none other than O’Neil. (Weir replaced General Hammond).

Finally the military will be in control of Stargate Atlantis and finally the smartest person will be command in stead of a diplomat that has no real scientific or military skills.

Congrats Col. Carter and Welcome to the Pegasus galaxy.