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Col. Samantha Carter Takes Over Command Of Stargate Atlantis In Season 4 June 23, 2007

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It’s official. Col. Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) takes over command of the Atlantis expedition in Season 4.

Dr. Weir will be removed after either quitting or being fired by the IOC. This isn’t the first time Weir will have been removed from a Stargate command. She was removed from command of the main of SGC too and replaced by none other than O’Neil. (Weir replaced General Hammond).

Finally the military will be in control of Stargate Atlantis and finally the smartest person will be command in stead of a diplomat that has no real scientific or military skills.

Congrats Col. Carter and Welcome to the Pegasus galaxy.


1. Robert - March 27, 2008

That sucks.
I just watched the 3rd episode of the 4th season and am pissed that Carter has taken over. Weir was not great and I was not sad to see her character join the replicators but why punish us with more Carter? Is Tapping that hard up for work. Shouldn’t she be at home with her kids or at the gym working the fat off her ass?
One thing I didn’t miss from SG1 is all that Egyptian history. Don’t tell me they’re going to bring that to Atlantis as well?

2. Ruth Anne Frokjer - April 3, 2008

Wraith bugs Orhi or worse to you Carter bashers!!! Tapping’s character is a woman, not a prepubescent anorexic male like you seem to prefer for your ideal female!
The historical fiction is essential to SG story line. It contains the ethos of the show, the kernel of truth in every myth and culture without which the theme of fighting false gods would not exist.
I agree Danial Jackson would be great in Atlantis. But give Shanks a break! His character has learned to kick ass along with Tapping’s . But DR. Jackson is not the ‘go to’ leader Col. Carter is becoming. Micheal could play the role, I think he might even be the finest most versatile actor ever willing to do a Sci Fi series. Gen. Jack, Anderson’s character is a seat of the pants get er done kind of Anti- hero. I miss him too! But that’s R.D.A.’s option. Tapping’s character is the right man at the right time for the job! uhhh…person errr… Col ,,, women what ever mary! Boys you go … get over your misogynistic selves!

3. PFC Amber Gray - April 20, 2008

Blah Blah Blah Ruth. Not everything is gender related. This is SCI-FI not Women’s Studies 101 (yes I took that class). What people are addressing here is the fact that Carter shouldnt be in charge of Atlantis and attacks the BS way the writers added her to Atlantis ruins the storyline! note: They have done this before!!!!! jackson is the right person for Atlantis. Expert on the Ancients for cryin out loud! The show started with him and ,righlty so, it should end with him.

And yes… Carter is a woman. However she is a military woman. I havent met too many LT Colonel’s with long hair, have you? I grew up on bases and they sure as heck dont look like they just rolled out of bed and showed up!!!Serve your country and maybe you’ll learn about that.

Colonel Oneil left the show to spend more time with his kid(s). Perfectly understandable. He was an awesome character and still is one of the best in scifi!

Note: Leave the gender out of the convo next time. And your assumtion lil miss ruth that people on this site are boys is moronic. Apparently those jr college classes you’ve been taking arent getting the job done. Go experience life and get off the couch. My guess is you dont get out much. Poor thing. 😦

4. BK 980 - April 20, 2008

OK. I read thru all of these and dont understand what the bickering is all about. I tend to agree that Carter shouldnt be on atlantis. At least not as Weir’s replacement. No one really liked Weir in the beginning however , as a long time viewere, she started to grow on me. She was a strong independent leader. Carter is also a strong leader, but I agree with everyone else that she is not taking the role seriously. The hair is an issue.

No offense intended Ruth, but you shouldnt be bringing up gender in this case. The people here (from what I read) are attacking the writers and carter’s role in atlantis, NOT her gender. I wouldnt be so quick to throw the gender card. It might be all you have as a defense !

5. CLD - April 25, 2008

I would love to have her on SGA but i would still want Weir there she makes things interesting. I wounder how McKay would react to serving under carters control ? Sam does have a bit of experience with these things.

Who knows whats going to happen, i guess well just have to wait and see.

6. RAF - May 29, 2008

Bully for PFC and thanks for serving your country all those of you who have and are!; )
I hope you do take advantage of your GI bill.
Take it how you will but I did not assume there were only men here. That was not just an observation of men but women also wishing to watch size 0 – 1 women on the fashion runway, in film and on TV. Yes my language was a little shocking and elitist. I’m sorry I didn’t dumb it down for you who read at the 3rd grade level. But I really thought this board could handle it. MY BAD!
I’ll not take offence where none is intended; but when was the last time you read in a review that the guy has a “fat ass?” Size is mainly an issue for female actors. This isn’t a card but reality. A male can work in T.V. at 50 or 100 pounds overweight. Look at Landry and Hammond! Same with age and perceived Hotness.
Personally I loved it when T’ealc pumped it up. But did anyone ever write about his “fat ass?” (not that he ever had one. Hair, yes, But till recently that was a matter of hair or no hair. I loved his dreads by the way. Why so concerned about a woman’s hairstyle in the military?
I have no qualms in defending the Col.’s role or the actor. Tapping’s character has always been somewhat about women’s role in the military. I’d rather see Tapping pregnant on Atlantis than listen to a private first class who can not stand up for her gender. Actually, that’s not a bad idea! Not that guys can’t do everything a woman can do; if they work twice as hard!. Wouldn’t want to upset the little fellas with their inadequacies. In fact the secure folks don’t get so offended. Perhaps our PFC is having a little gender dysphoria of her own? No offence intended of course. All due respect and all that . . . .

7. RAF - June 1, 2008

Well now its final, Col. Sam will only be a guest and Woolsy is the the Exp. Leader! Isn’t he just the thing. No thank you! If I could find out which episodes Tapping is in I’d tune in. Womens recon team? Interesting idea but it won’t fly for the androgenous PFCs who would like to ignore gender altogether. Mr. Woosy the the rescue!

8. Coon - September 5, 2008

BSG sucks. That show is absolute crap from what I’ve seen. SG-1 and Atlantis is so much better.

9. TESTing123 Again - September 27, 2008

OK, so finally stargate is dead. I knew it would happen eventually, but sounds like the writers are inebriated or are simply becoming obsolescent in there old age. TO THE RETIREMNT HOME WITH YA! The tapioca pudding and depends are awating!

Anyway, Carter was there first mistake for Atlantis. After watching season 4, she wasnt that horrible, but it seemed like no one cared about professionalism and keeping the show true to itself. (ie, cut your hair COLONEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , as stated in a response above).

Woolsey should have beenwratih food a long time ago. How can someone so whiny be in charge? seriously? Do the writers think they’re cute? This is unfortunately yet another case when people sop caring. With all the crap on TV today, SG1 & Atlantis were the only 2 shows worth watcing. It unfortuanlety ahsnt been that way for a while!

aH, BUT THERE IS A SILVER LINING! Seeing that the writers have been taken over by the drooling , cant tie their own shoes, people of hollywood, THIS JUST IN…

In early Spring 2009 there will be a SG-1 vs SG Atlantis reality show. Not kidding. They have challenges, and it’s somewhat of a rip off of survivor, but who wouldnt want to see that? Should be pretty cool or funny to say the least! Let’s hear itfor bad acting and over paid 3-rate writers! YAAAAY!

10. naomi - October 18, 2008

The writers are incredibly talented and hard-working, as are the actors and all the supporting departments. Everyone has pulled together to make both SG series the finest seen in decades.
The lazy naysayers who only sit on their butts will continue to stuff their mouths with greasy potato chips & caress the tv remote.

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