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Highlander The Source – Who wants this series to live forever? September 15, 2007

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The first Highlander movie is an epic cult classic.

Ever since there have been far too many attempts to re-create that magic on the big screen and the small…the latest attempt is on SciFi tonight called Highlander the Source.

After X movies and shows, we’re finally going to figure out how the immortals became immortal.

Trailer is pretty slick..and the show…well..it follow the standard Highlander model..(namely weak’ish ploting, mediocre acting, excellent action and sound and excellent pacing to an ultimate finale where someone loses their head and a Quickening occurs).

My main problem with this show is – what the frak is considered canon for Highlander? I had thought Highlander : Endgame was it…but now? i don’t know.

Isn’t Christopher Lambert supposed tobe the REAL DEAL Highlander?! Sure Adrian Paul is good but??

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet…

Stargate SG-1 – Does Teyla’s Baby Belong to John Shephard? June 19, 2007

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Teyla is having a baby! Well, actress Rachel Luttrell, who plays Teyla on Stargate Atlantis is and for season 4 the writers are writing it into the storyline.

Apparently the baby belongs to someone we haven’t met yet….but i think it would be FRAKKIN AWESOME if it was John Shephard’s . That sure would complicate things.

Then again maybe she was impregnated by a wraith like entity so her baby will be the promised child the bridges human and wraith culture.