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Stargate Atlantis 4×7 Missing November 11, 2007

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Dr. Keller is a wimp.

We’ve known this all along this episode just re-enforces that simple fact -Jewel Staite was a wimp as Kaylee in Firefly too..so nothing wrong with that..she’s been typecast that way.

That said..another great Stargate Atlantis episode..two huge revelations in this episode though which will make it pivotal for the rest of the season.

#1 Where are the Ethosians?

#2 Tayla is PREGNANT!


1. Amy - November 12, 2007

Uhmm.. is Teyla pregnant? Or just the actress?

What I mean is.. is it part of the story plot?

2. lexi - November 21, 2007

The spoilers say so Amy, Teyla is pregnant, they wrote Rachel’s into the show.

To whomever wrote this article: It’s Athosians not Ethosians

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