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Stargate Atlantis The Ark of Truth – REVIEW March 15, 2008

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ark.jpgHallowed are the Orii

Stargate the Ark of Truth has now been out for a few days and we’ve finally got the chance to watch it.

The Ark of Truth is a decent movie. It’s not WOW, it’s not fantastic. It’s not better than an average episode of Stargate Atlantis.

The movie plods along a bit, with Teal’c spending a whack of timing walking…

There are no great battles…I would have thought that with extra time/budget we could’ve seen a full all out battle with the actual Orii ship armada with the Earth and its allies..but no such luck.

We get a few Orii ships shooting at the Odyssey but that’s about it.

and what about Adria?? COME ON! She had a bit role that was way to minimal.

Sure bringing replicators back into the mix was kinda neat, and yes it was cool to see the end of the Orii story line BUT

MGM did not do everything it could have with this movie which really wasn’t more than we would get in a typical episode (and in fact in many respects we got less).

Let’s hope that the next Stargate movie has MORE (ships, special effects, drama and plot).

Stargate The Ark of Truth – out March 11th March 7, 2008

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ark.jpgNot far now…..its seems like it was eons ago that the last episode of Stargate SG-1 Season 10 was on the air.

Leaving us wanting



Soon we will know the fate of the Orii and SG-1…i can hardly wait.