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Stargate Atlantis 4×1 : Adrift September 28, 2007

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In its fourth season …Stargate Atlantis has now got to be the finest SciFi show on TV.

The season 4 premiere titled ‘Adrift’ was really solid..with all the elements that make Atlantis great..namely continuous failures that the crew someone don’t quite get out off..and interesting twists that really make you go ..HUH.

For example..they finally clear the asteroids..but DANG one got through and took out the hyperdrive.

They finally fix the hyperdrive and..DANG..too late they don’t have enough ZPM power.

And the twist?

The whole point of why Atlantis left the Atlantis world was to escape the replicators…so what do these braniacs do? They come up with a plan to go to the replicator homeworld to steal their ZPMs.


Oh and great to see Jewel Staite really take over the Doctors role (which she’s had since 3×20) and AWESOME to see Col.Carter too.


1. Arby - September 29, 2007

I just saw this episode and thought it was terrific! Stargate Atlantis continues to amaze me. Everything about this show is so extremely well done. I can’t wait to see the next episode .. what a cliffhanger!!

2. darth who - September 29, 2007

excellent episode of an amazing show. but cmon scifi whats with 10 pm?the lineup besides atlantis sucks ass.

dr who =shit
flash gordon=stinky piece of shit.


3. Hanna Joy R. Lora - February 27, 2008

I love this Show!!! I fell in love the very first time I watched it!!!..I wanna have full copies of its episodes from season 1 to present….I already have 1 to 3 Seasons!!! I wanna have more!!!!!!!!!

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