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Stargate Universe – Episode 7 Earth – Eli is Phillip ‘Futurama’ Fry – and Is Col. Telford screwing Col. Young’s Ex-Wife? November 8, 2009

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sguThat was one strange episode – in that it was all about personal relationships. SGU episode 7 Earth gave us more insight into Destiny’s crew and their history on Earth.

Col Young getting back together with his ex – while inside of Telford’s body was kinda freaky – especially when the communication between the stones was interrupted.

But how about that ending ? With the REAL Telford showing up at Young’s Ex’s door? Are they having their own clandestine relationship that Young didn’t know about?


And poor Eli — shafted by Chloe yet again.

But Eli had the best lines in the whole show introducing himself as Phillip Fry – (a clear Futurama reference). Bender would be proud.

Fringe – the Cosmonaut and the sandman November 6, 2009

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fringe.2 Great to have Fringe back, and another fine episode.

So now we know the CIA and Russians have a play in the pattern too.

Somehow the cosmonaut that Broils shot is still alive and now in space somewhere with the ‘shadow’ with him – a really neat idea overall.

Is the Shadow related to the watcher? We’ll see.

Also really neat to see Broils on the family side, he always comes off as such a hard a$$, good to know he might not always have been that way.

FlashForward AlreadyGhosts.com – You can Change the future! November 5, 2009

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alreadyghosts.com  the blue hand WOW what a fantastic episode.

The future is not written and now we know for sure.

The death of agent Gough – jumping off the building to change the future and save a mom of two boys was just so startling, we’re still in shock.

But that was nothing in comparison to what Aaron saw was it?

Another shocker.

One of the teases in this episode was the AlreadyGhosts.com website where those that don’t have flash forward come. That site doesn’t actually exist it just re-directs to the ABC site – a shame really. ABC could have built a real viral site there for the show – a missed opportunity for sure.

Overall this show is getting better week by week, the twists and turns in this episode made it the best yet – the new revelation that the future is not definite changes everything too.

Wil ‘Ensign Crusher’ Wheaton WAS IN Star Trek 09?! He did voice work!! November 5, 2009

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startrekWow – somehow until today no one knew that Wil Wheaton – best known to Star Trek Fans for his work on Next Generation as Ensign Wesley Crusher – was actually in J J Abrams star trek 2009.

Wheaton did the voice over work for the Romulans on Nero’s ship.

Listen in to this clip below to the voice that says, “”Sir, if you ignite the Red Matter now … ”

New Caprica Trailer – Choice November 4, 2009

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We’re still a few months away until the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica – the series gets going on SyFy (Jan 22).

But that’s not stopping SyFy from promoting the show. The latest trailer gives us some interesting insight into the themes for the first season and show us the key terrorist leader Barnabus Greeley

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Star Trek (2009) out on DVD Nov 17th including a few nifty extra November 4, 2009

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startrek J J Abrams Star Trek makes it to the ‘little’ screen on Nov. 17th.

Alongside the movie itself the DVD release will include a few notable outtakes including the deleted Klingon Scene. They don’t quite look like regular klingons to us, but hey close enough. We’ve included the clip below which aired on the Scream 2009 awards a few weeks back.

The other big thing is a featurette called “The Shatner Conundrum” which is all about why Will Shatner didn’t make it into the movie. It’s still the biggest travesty in my opinion and the featurette doesn’t make it any better

V remake not great, but not bad November 3, 2009

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The ABC remake of V kicked off tonight.
No there is no Diana – instead the head of the Vistors is Anna (a Scifi veteran of both Stargate SG-1 and Firefly).

I don’t recall the Visitors in the original series being called the ‘V’s, I also specifically remember the graphitti tagging of V was done by the resistance.

V for victory.

That aside, the visitors are still Lizards, they’re still evil and I figure they’ll still eat human.

The FBI mom Erica is a great character and she puts a strong female face on the resistance. Overall pacing of the show was a little slow and jittery. It lacked a proper flow, the background ambient music was wrong and all the characters at this point are a little stiff.

Still, there is hope for this show, it’s got a bit of a twist on the original, enough to keep us interested. NO this is not a Battlestar Galactica class of re-imagining, but it’ll do for now.