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V – Anna Blissed Tyler – and THATS where the Invasion fleet has been hiding… March 8, 2011

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A solid episode and now we now Anna’s secret weapon against the humans…


Tyler sure looked happy didn’t he?

Perhaps even better is the fact that we FINALLY KNOW what happened to the invasion fleet we saw at the end of the first season…

They made it to Earth and they’ve been cloaked in orbit around Earth…500+ ships

Mike Donovan (Marc Singer) Returns to V to kick Lizard Tail November 29, 2010

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Marc Singer – the actor who played human freedom fighter Mike Donovan in the original V is coming back to the new V in January.


Talk about reto – with the original Diana (now Diana’s mom_ and Donovan back in the show, the only thing that can kill V now is …


which is still screwing up the show with messy return dates and long delays…but lets hope they put enough marketing muscle into the January return to keep this show going for at least the rest of the first season.

V Season 2 delayed till 2011, is ABC trying to kill this show on purpose? October 22, 2010

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We though V was a great show and early on the show had great viewing numbers too. Then the big network frakked it up, by messing with the time/day of the show, delaying it during its first 12 episode and now…

the second part of season 1 – or should we just call it season 2 now? — is being pushed back to 2011.

According to ABC’s press release,”

Season 2 will feature more character and lizard reveals, more details about the V’s mythology, while along the way featuring even more action and more plot twists. Viewers can expect a roller coaster ride week to week.

No need to sell us ABC – we’re sold – the show is fantastic – but get your slimy butts in gear and stop de-railing this show with delays.


V – Joshua Saves Lisa – BUT is Lisa Now Going to Hatch Tyler’s Babies? April 21, 2010

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Great episode of V.

We don’t think that Lisa is Fifth Column – but having her turn against her mother will be fun – oh and is she pregnant by Tyler now? – that’s going to happen!

What exactly is Blue Energy – we don’t know — but the Secretary General of the UN (in V) is a smart dude – it’ll put millions out of work and leave humanity dependent on the Vs.

FlashForward D Gibbons is in Hong Kong – the mystery of who caused the FlashForwards is solved!! December 3, 2009

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Looks like FlashForward’s main plot is winding down doesn’t it?

Loyld Simcoe and Olivia were starting to get real cozy – and what the frak was up with Simcoe saying he caused the black out?

We now know conclusively that D Gibbons was behind the whole thing beyond any doubt – how we get to him – isn’t clear.

The whole bit with demetri’s fiance actually realizing her flashforward was dem’s funeral and not their wedding was also cool.

all in all a great episode, but i’m not sure how much is left unknown in this plot.

FlashForward – Bryce goes to Tokyo, Keiko comes to L.A November 19, 2009

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FlashForward really sucked tonight.

Mostly it sucked because it was just a character set-up episode.

Bryce chases his vision all the way to Tokyo and finds nothing while Keiko does the same but only in reverse. Sure that was interesting but it didn’t have to be the whole frakking episode.

Let’s hope the next episode (in two weeks) has a bit more action, otherwise this show won’t make it to 2010.

V – John May Lives ! The Visitor fifth column! and Lisa is Anna’s daughter? November 17, 2009

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Who is John May? ABC’s V is really picking up steam now with the emergence of the V Fifth Column. We have no idea who John May is, but no doubt he’s well hidden.

The whole Fifth Column thing was the biggest revelation in this third episode of the new V (official episode title is:A Bright New Day

It’s neat that the Fifth Column have member on board the NYC mothership – that was cool and unexpected.

But how did they convince Mary Faulkner to like the V’s? They connected here to their matrix/hub didn’t they? It’s some kind of drug that makes everyone happy.

Last but not least – how about Lisa (played by Toronto actress Laura Vandervoort??

No not a naked scene (this is ABC after all), but still that was …’interesting’.. especially since we now know hooking up with Tyler is all about pleasing her own mom – the leader of the ‘V’ s herself Anna!

V – Will Erica Lead the Resistance? November 10, 2009

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erica.vThe second episode of ABC’s V was another really great episode.

The key character is really shaping up to be FBI Agent Erica Evans played by actress Elizabeth Mitchell.

She’s strong, tough and saavy. And how about that shower scene? No nudity. And that’s a good thing. It means she’s serious and the shows producers are not treating her as some kind of sex object. She’s a hero.

We think that Agent Erica will end up leading the human resistance overall, she’s got what it takes. In many respects, we think she’ll take on the role that Michael Ironside had in the original V series as the tough no-nonsense military leader of the Resistance.

Overall, the sophistication of the series so far is superb. There are so many layers to the plot that it’s clear this show has legs — so long as ABC doesn’t cut this show off at the knees.

FlashForward AlreadyGhosts.com – You can Change the future! November 5, 2009

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alreadyghosts.com  the blue hand WOW what a fantastic episode.

The future is not written and now we know for sure.

The death of agent Gough – jumping off the building to change the future and save a mom of two boys was just so startling, we’re still in shock.

But that was nothing in comparison to what Aaron saw was it?

Another shocker.

One of the teases in this episode was the AlreadyGhosts.com website where those that don’t have flash forward come. That site doesn’t actually exist it just re-directs to the ABC site – a shame really. ABC could have built a real viral site there for the show – a missed opportunity for sure.

Overall this show is getting better week by week, the twists and turns in this episode made it the best yet – the new revelation that the future is not definite changes everything too.

V remake not great, but not bad November 3, 2009

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The ABC remake of V kicked off tonight.
No there is no Diana – instead the head of the Vistors is Anna (a Scifi veteran of both Stargate SG-1 and Firefly).

I don’t recall the Visitors in the original series being called the ‘V’s, I also specifically remember the graphitti tagging of V was done by the resistance.

V for victory.

That aside, the visitors are still Lizards, they’re still evil and I figure they’ll still eat human.

The FBI mom Erica is a great character and she puts a strong female face on the resistance. Overall pacing of the show was a little slow and jittery. It lacked a proper flow, the background ambient music was wrong and all the characters at this point are a little stiff.

Still, there is hope for this show, it’s got a bit of a twist on the original, enough to keep us interested. NO this is not a Battlestar Galactica class of re-imagining, but it’ll do for now.

V will only have 4 episodes in 2009. ABC Fraks over SciFi fans, again September 29, 2009

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ABC sure knows how to kill a good SciFi show before it even starts.

A report in Variety today has confirmed that ABC will only air four (4) episodes of V this year.

That means the show will start – on November 3rd – and then effectively die.

The show is supposed to start up again in March, but what the frak is the point?

Four episodes and then cut us off? WTF is ABC’s problem?

Yes i know the Olympics are in early 2010, but that doesn’t mean V shouldn’t be on. Why couldn’t there be more episodes this year?

To put on a show, only air 4 episode then give your audience ‘the finger’ is what ABC is doing. They are tell us, the Science Fiction loving public, that they don’t care, they’re just filling in time slots.

V – Returns to TV on Nov 3 with Firefly’s courtesan August 12, 2009

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vV is coming to ABC on Nov 3, 2009 and we’re excited as FRAK to see it.

Will this be a re-imagined masterpiece like Battlestar Galactica?

That’s what we all hope for isn’t it?

Life on Mars : Irish Nanny March 19, 2009

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Another fine episode of Life on Mars last night. Sam sure made a fine Irishman..and a great episode to have during St.Patrick’s day week.

Amazing idea to be able to go back and bang the Nanny that you fantasized about as a boy..but like everything in Sam’s life the reality is very different than what he remembered.

And finally he talks to himself – as a boy…not your fault things happen discussion..

for some reason we thought that if Sam actualy was in contact with himself in the past that something BAD would happen – it didn’t.

Still have no idea how this show will end

V Remake Gets Green Light January 27, 2009

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As we reported back in October – a remake is in the works for the 80’s scifi classic – V (V is for victory!!).

Variety is now reporting that ABC has picked up the pilot – which is not being written by Original V writer-producer-director Kenneth Johnson.

Still makes no sense to me. Why not just use Johnson and his
V: The Second Generation
take…but hey guess that’s why the pay the studio guyz the big bucks