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V – Project Aries – the last hope for Humanity led by Donavan/Lars? March 15, 2011

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DIANA IS DEAD. (That’s how you kill your mother)

RYAN IS DEAD. (That’s how you kill your father)

What a massive turn of events.

And then the final massive twist

Donavan is back – leader of Project Aries – backed with Erika’s FBI friends, who we thought were going to remove Erika – nice twist…and great to see Donavan (now called Lars?)

Now that all of Earth has been blissed – is is time for a full out invasion of Earth with V’s fighting against the Project Aries?

V – Erica Fraks Hobbs March 1, 2011

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So Erika fraks Hobbs..woohoo.
Why do these show always need to descend into gratuitous sex scenes…we dunno but hey.

on the actual plot angle who was killing the other candidate humans? was that a diana plot in motion?

And how about that DNA turbine …that was cool. So now that the V’s have all the human DNA what will they create? A new species?

V – Human DNA needed to evolve the V’s – Ryan not dead?! His Daughter the new Queen? February 22, 2011

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another strong episode…

so apparently Ryan Nichols isn’t dead…

and the V’s need to breed with Humans so they can evolve?

ok that’s interesting…at least we’re not just ‘meat’ like the original V series…

Great to see Lisa go full on against her mother…but her time is almost done..and no doubt her Grandmother Diana will double cross her soon too.

AND did we understand correctly that Ryan’s daughter now has had her DNA mixed with the final Queen egg – so she’ll be the replacement for Lisa?


V – We Have An Army Now. February 15, 2011

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Was that an awesome episode or what?

Eli Cohen is dead.

Tyler’s Dad – dead

Ryan Nichols – dead

Erika Evans  new leader of the combined Fifth Column.

Lisa meets Diana

And action, drama and bullets all over the place.

No we still haven’t seen the Lizards as being totally exposed for the vermin that they are — but that’s coming soon.

‘We have an army now and we’re going to rain hell on the V’s’

V – Concordia — Tyler is not our only option, there are others February 8, 2011

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A solid episode…but the pacing of this show is all wrong isn’t it?

Erica Evans is clearly toast….but at this stage shouldn’t we already have an all-out Visitor Earth war?

And who is the other option instead of Tyler?

next week’s episode already look awesome, Diana will meet her grandaughter and Ryan will be skinned by Eli Cohen.

oh and Erica evans will be kidnapped.


V – Give my baby some bliss! as Diana eat a priest February 1, 2011

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yes Agent Erica Evans is in big trouble

yes tyler is too…that’s one messed up family.

eli cohen — ok neat super israeli mossad killing machine dude.

but once again, THE TOTAL FRAKKING NONSENSE about the human soul, WTF is that all about?

the whole Vatican thing was a bit dumb, but it was neat to see the priest call Diana – his Queen. Too bad she had to eat him.

What was the deal with his Ring? Is it a datachip of some kind? we’ll see but it clearly had something of great value in it.

V – Will Erica Lead the Resistance? November 10, 2009

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erica.vThe second episode of ABC’s V was another really great episode.

The key character is really shaping up to be FBI Agent Erica Evans played by actress Elizabeth Mitchell.

She’s strong, tough and saavy. And how about that shower scene? No nudity. And that’s a good thing. It means she’s serious and the shows producers are not treating her as some kind of sex object. She’s a hero.

We think that Agent Erica will end up leading the human resistance overall, she’s got what it takes. In many respects, we think she’ll take on the role that Michael Ironside had in the original V series as the tough no-nonsense military leader of the Resistance.

Overall, the sophistication of the series so far is superb. There are so many layers to the plot that it’s clear this show has legs — so long as ABC doesn’t cut this show off at the knees.