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V – Human DNA needed to evolve the V’s – Ryan not dead?! His Daughter the new Queen? February 22, 2011

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another strong episode…

so apparently Ryan Nichols isn’t dead…

and the V’s need to breed with Humans so they can evolve?

ok that’s interesting…at least we’re not just ‘meat’ like the original V series…

Great to see Lisa go full on against her mother…but her time is almost done..and no doubt her Grandmother Diana will double cross her soon too.

AND did we understand correctly that Ryan’s daughter now has had her DNA mixed with the final Queen egg – so she’ll be the replacement for Lisa?



1. James"Chappaai"Gentle - March 6, 2011

There is no evidence saying that Ryan’s daugther’s DNA has anything to do with the queen’s egg. She was just having been used as a lab rat to text the tech.

2. Joanna - March 16, 2011

I agree with you, James. I don’t remember Anna ever mixing Ryan’s daughter’s (Amy) DNA with the DNA of the remaining Queen egg. If she did, tell me which episode it happened in.

3. Ryan - March 24, 2011

This ending totally rocked!!!! THEY NEED SEASON 3 to air a full 22 episodes. Also, get Morris Chestnut back…he was a very cool dude 🙂

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