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V – Human DNA needed to evolve the V’s – Ryan not dead?! His Daughter the new Queen? February 22, 2011

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another strong episode…

so apparently Ryan Nichols isn’t dead…

and the V’s need to breed with Humans so they can evolve?

ok that’s interesting…at least we’re not just ‘meat’ like the original V series…

Great to see Lisa go full on against her mother…but her time is almost done..and no doubt her Grandmother Diana will double cross her soon too.

AND did we understand correctly that Ryan’s daughter now has had her DNA mixed with the final Queen egg – so she’ll be the replacement for Lisa?


V – We Have An Army Now. February 15, 2011

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Was that an awesome episode or what?

Eli Cohen is dead.

Tyler’s Dad – dead

Ryan Nichols – dead

Erika Evans  new leader of the combined Fifth Column.

Lisa meets Diana

And action, drama and bullets all over the place.

No we still haven’t seen the Lizards as being totally exposed for the vermin that they are — but that’s coming soon.

‘We have an army now and we’re going to rain hell on the V’s’