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V – We Have An Army Now. February 15, 2011

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Was that an awesome episode or what?

Eli Cohen is dead.

Tyler’s Dad – dead

Ryan Nichols – dead

Erika Evans  new leader of the combined Fifth Column.

Lisa meets Diana

And action, drama and bullets all over the place.

No we still haven’t seen the Lizards as being totally exposed for the vermin that they are — but that’s coming soon.

‘We have an army now and we’re going to rain hell on the V’s’


1. Lee - February 16, 2011

WHAT IN THE FUCK??? Why? What is it about these sci-fi shows that they always end up killing off a major character portrayed by an African-American?? First it happened on “HEROES”, then “LOST” and finally “V”. I am sick of shit. Hell, they’ve managed to kill of an African-American supporting character and a recurring character on “NCIS: LOST ANGELES”.

2. Chris - February 16, 2011

It only took 1.5 seasons for the 5th Column to grow a set.

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