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V – Erica Fraks Hobbs March 1, 2011

Posted by showmescifi in ShowMeSciFi.com.
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So Erika fraks Hobbs..woohoo.
Why do these show always need to descend into gratuitous sex scenes…we dunno but hey.

on the actual plot angle who was killing the other candidate humans? was that a diana plot in motion?

And how about that DNA turbine …that was cool. So now that the V’s have all the human DNA what will they create? A new species?


1. Chris - March 4, 2011

They always go to the sex, because sex sells.

I feel like this show might finally be ready to be exciting, the problem is there are only a few episodes left this season and no guarantee of removal.

Chris - March 4, 2011

Sorry, meant to say renewal. That’s what happens when you comment without coffee kids.

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