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V remake not great, but not bad November 3, 2009

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The ABC remake of V kicked off tonight.
No there is no Diana – instead the head of the Vistors is Anna (a Scifi veteran of both Stargate SG-1 and Firefly).

I don’t recall the Visitors in the original series being called the ‘V’s, I also specifically remember the graphitti tagging of V was done by the resistance.

V for victory.

That aside, the visitors are still Lizards, they’re still evil and I figure they’ll still eat human.

The FBI mom Erica is a great character and she puts a strong female face on the resistance. Overall pacing of the show was a little slow and jittery. It lacked a proper flow, the background ambient music was wrong and all the characters at this point are a little stiff.

Still, there is hope for this show, it’s got a bit of a twist on the original, enough to keep us interested. NO this is not a Battlestar Galactica class of re-imagining, but it’ll do for now.


1. Alexander - November 3, 2009

“NO this is not a Battlestar Galactica class of re-imaging, but it’ll do for now.” My thoughts exactly.

2. Tom Baker - November 6, 2009

Spent time watching the SyFy reruns of V and after watching hours of one of my favorite shows from the 80’s, I have to say I was impressed with the V of this millennium. I am disappointed that only a few episodes will air this year. Just enough to get fans upset and just enough to get new fans not to watch in 2010.

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