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V will only have 4 episodes in 2009. ABC Fraks over SciFi fans, again September 29, 2009

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ABC sure knows how to kill a good SciFi show before it even starts.

A report in Variety today has confirmed that ABC will only air four (4) episodes of V this year.

That means the show will start – on November 3rd – and then effectively die.

The show is supposed to start up again in March, but what the frak is the point?

Four episodes and then cut us off? WTF is ABC’s problem?

Yes i know the Olympics are in early 2010, but that doesn’t mean V shouldn’t be on. Why couldn’t there be more episodes this year?

To put on a show, only air 4 episode then give your audience ‘the finger’ is what ABC is doing. They are tell us, the Science Fiction loving public, that they don’t care, they’re just filling in time slots.


1. Alexander - September 30, 2009

This seems to be new operating procedure for all these type of shows. Look at “Warehouse 13” on Sci-Fi…it finally gets revved up and interesting with character development and ZAP! Gone for three months…

Karolyn - October 13, 2009

well, warehouse 13 sucks, thats why. Defying gravity is way better, and V looks better to.

2. John Campbell Rees - October 20, 2009

ABC’s problem is that it is ABC. It just can’t help itself. It is a Network and therefore bound by its own nature to screw up badly.

3. Lane - October 31, 2009

I am going to do like I usually do with new shows from the networks. I Tivo the first 4 episodes and then check the blogs and ratings to see if the show is likely to last. If not I delete them without watching, I’ve been burned too many times by getting interested in a show only to have it disappear. I Tivo’d 5 episodes of the Unusuals last year and then deleted them without ever watching. On second thought… With only 4 episodes and then a 3 month break I may just wait for season 1 at Blockbuster. Take that to your advertisers ABC!

4. Fae - November 11, 2009

This is crazy. V is starting out good and now we are going to have to wait until March? Geeze. It’s the Winter Olympics. If there a good shows on I’m going to be watching them. I can catch bits and pieces of the Olympics at other times. My prime time slots are filled. Oh wow I’ll miss the Olympics for sci-fi. What will I ever do? C’mon wake up I’m not a big sports watcher I’d rather watch good shows than the Olympics for the most part. I usually watch the opening ceremonies and I’m done with the Olympics. Don’t sink this show before it begins. Warehouse 13 sucks arse. I couldn’t even get through the pilot movie. I DVRed it and I was trying to channel surf.

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