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Stargate Universe – Episode 7 Earth – Eli is Phillip ‘Futurama’ Fry – and Is Col. Telford screwing Col. Young’s Ex-Wife? November 8, 2009

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sguThat was one strange episode – in that it was all about personal relationships. SGU episode 7 Earth gave us more insight into Destiny’s crew and their history on Earth.

Col Young getting back together with his ex – while inside of Telford’s body was kinda freaky – especially when the communication between the stones was interrupted.

But how about that ending ? With the REAL Telford showing up at Young’s Ex’s door? Are they having their own clandestine relationship that Young didn’t know about?


And poor Eli — shafted by Chloe yet again.

But Eli had the best lines in the whole show introducing himself as Phillip Fry – (a clear Futurama reference). Bender would be proud.


1. Pckat - November 9, 2009

SG-U is so Boring!! Its Sg-U meets soap opera.

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