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Iain M Banks : Look to Windward : Review : Culture Special Circumstances are everywhere November 9, 2009

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looktowindward Look to Windward is another of Iain M. Banks Culture novels…for us it’s the third one we’ve read behind Consider Phelbas and Use of Weapons, both which were superior books to this one.

Yes the basic premise of this book was interesting – the light from one of the last great battles of the Idiran war from Consider Phelbas is just reaching the Masaq Orbital some 800 years after the fact – that’s kinda neat

the core story though is about the Chel (another alien race), the composer that lives among the culture and the Chel agent come to get him and destroy the orbital.

The story is waaaay to drawn out and at multiple points I was ready to give up. But we know that Banks finishes strongly so we struggled on.

And a struggle it is. Whole chapters make no sense and add little to the plot development.

But the end is a surprise, much like Use of Weapons, it’s an ending that we didn’t see coming at all and changes the way the whole book feels.

I didn’t expect Huyler to be Special Circumstances that was a shocker and the sub-plot with the Culture citizen on the Yolaeus not making it back to warn the Mind was also interesting in its connection.

So no, we didn’t enjoy most of this book while reading it first time through, but with another brilliant conclusion, Banks redeems this book.

Yeaaah we’ll keep reading Banks, the Culture is interesting enough that we want more, but Banks just doesn’t have a consistent quality of writing so hopefully the next book we get will more of a hit than a miss.