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Stargate Universe : It’s been the worst day since yesterday – and more Lesbians November 21, 2009

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Stargate Universe Episode 9 – titled –Life – wasn’t as good as the last episode but it was still kinda neat.

The background song -It’s been the worst day since yesterday – was so cool at the beginning and at the end it just fit so well.

We know Col Young’s wife was with Telfrod, and get that they had nice fight at the end.

The whole thing with Scott having a son,kinda interesting and just gives us more insight into his troubled nature.

Then there was the Lesbians (with Camille) –

Oh and we found out there is a ship’s slut, though it isn’t Lt. James.

And once again we see that Rush is a scumbag. What’s up with him lying about an icarus type planet a year away?

Overall a decent character development episode for the major SGU characters – though Eli got little screen time.

Life on the Destiny isn’t like other Stargate shows, there aren’t constant attacks by G’ould, wraith or Orii – it’s mostly a lonely existence.

And just in case you want to hear that great song again – it’s from a band called Flogging Molly – enjoy!


1. Pckat - November 22, 2009

Soap Opera in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

2. Sad - November 24, 2009

What is this Defying Gravity “2”. How come we loose SG-Atlantis and get this junk?

3. M Miller - November 26, 2009

I hear a sucking sound every Friday Night! Nothing to worry about it’s just SGU. What ever happened to SciFi ? I guess I’ll go to the library and pick up a copy of Forbidden Planet or The Day the Earth Stood Still.
At least they are worth watching.

4. Gaius - December 5, 2009

this show is the best show on SyFy, and one of the best on TV in general.

5. Crewchief - December 8, 2009

It goes past insulting
I have been an SG fan from the very beginning, and my work in radio and TV has provided me with the privilege of interviewing cast from the previous shows, including Amanda Tapping, Damien Kindler, Chris Judge, and many more.
I had such high hopes for this segment of the franchise but after the first 2 part ep which was ok not great. It has gone down hill week on week.
My whole family are fans of the past shows.
My wife wont watch this saying it is a total waste of air time.
My youngest son (age 17) is so switched off gave up after episode 7
I keep tuning in with the hope it will get better and the Chloe character will stay dead, there are several annoying weak characters on the show but she takes the biscuit.
Basically if there was a map on how to kill a franchise this would be it.
I hope the writers and producers read the IMDB message boards read these comments.
Listen to your fan base and not just the slumping ratings.
This show could be rescued first you need to change the bulk of the cast and for fans peace of mind have them sucked into a black hole so there is no chance they will come back.
The portrayal of the military characters is down right insulting.
Fist most good people in uniform are above all professionals and if they were good enough to pass security background checks to get the kind of clearance needed to be on some sort of high level project they would never have loose cannons like these twits.
This I know for sure as I spent more than a decade in the service.
The writing it trite at best, I agree with the bulk of comments on here there are only 2 good characters Eli who is marginalised and Rush who is vilified.
keep them dump the rest.
You had a great idea but have gone the wrong way I talking to you Brad Wright!!!
Oh and stop with all the space opera nonsense, shaky camera, and dim light bad angles.
I’m not the first to say this.
This franchise could see a longer life than Star Trek unless you kill it here with this.
You are losing fans en mass

I nor anyone else cares about the love life of these weak characters back on Earth we watch Sci Fi for the Sci Fi I could care less if Ming Na has a whole Harem of hotties.
Neither does anyone else

6. Paul - December 10, 2009

I couldn’t disagree more with some of the comments here. I think SGU is an excellent show, which has really distinguished itself from the rest of the franchise. They could have followed the same formula as the others, but what would be the point?

7. antlub - December 19, 2009

Best dam show on SiFi.

8. thomas - February 15, 2010

lets just remember a show cant be everything to everyone, and we all know that change is hard for people stuck in the past but you’ll have to let the old SG go because this is a new idea that doesn’t follow this pattern: some bad stuff happens, the main characters get involved, try to fix it but all hope seems lost until one of the main characters get a bright idea and saves the day. SGU is more about the interactions of the people on Destiny.

9. Debbie - April 13, 2010

I loved Star Gate and hated Star Gate Atlantis. But the Star Gate franchise has totally recovered itself from the Star Gate Atlantis LEMON with Star Gate Universe. It’s so different from the others and I can’t wait to see the next episode! I love it!

10. PcKat - March 4, 2011

SG-U has 10 ‘sodes left! YAY! This Stargate show really reaked! G’By!!

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