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Flash Gordon scifi toys get real cheap for Black Friday November 26, 2009

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Alex Ross Flash Gordon (White T-Shirt) 7-Inch Action Figure Yeaaah SciFi frakked us all over with their Flash Gordon reboot, but the that doesn’t mean there aren’t any Flash Gordon fans out there? Or are there?

Apparently there is a glut of Flash Gordon toys, so this if you’re interested you can now get your very own Alex Ross Flash Gordon for only $5 Order Alex Ross Flash Gordon (White T-Shirt) 7-Inch Action Figure

Beyond Flash himself there are also a few other characters that you can pick up to create a semi-complete collection.

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Alex Ross Flash Gordon Dale Arden 7-Inch Action Figure You can pick up your very own 1980’s era Dale Arden (

Alex Ross Flash Gordon Klytus 7-Inch Action Figure

also only $5).

Or how bout a Kleytus? Also only $5.

And finally there is also a Prince Barin action figure (also ..yup you guess it – $5).
Alex Ross Flash Gordon Prince Barin 7-Inch Action Figure


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