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Star Trek New Frontier #3 June 10, 2008

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Yeaaah I know we wrote that the last issue didn’t make any sense (so why would we continue to buy this title right?)..bUT hey there is only so much SciFi on the comic book shelves these days and I want to support my local retailer.

That said Star Trek New Frontier #3 is a decent issue….the plot twists thicken as we learn that Admiral Jelico isn’t quite who he seems to be…we don’t see Shelby at all in this issue (a good thing)..but we do get some humor..from the Romulans of all places

The overall content per issue ..the bang for the buck..is still sorely lacking, but for now I’m hooked on Star Trek New Frontier and i’lll be reading till the end of the series to see where it goes.


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