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Star Trek Titan: Synthesis – The ship is alive! Minouet is Back! December 7, 2009

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The easy review first. Star Trek: Titan: Synthesis is the best Star Trek Titan book yet.

The basic premise is that the ship itself, becomes sentient and takes the holo-avatar form of Minuet (the girl from on ST;TNG episode).

But beyond the ship’s sentience which was cool – was the whole new machine species – the sentries – which form the core plotline of the book.

We’ve seen machine cultures before, that’s not new. But the evolution of first and second gen – is quite interesting and Titan as a third gen ..nice.

The overall flow, characters and plot of this book are near flawless making this a fantastic page-turning read.

The only part that we didn’t particularly care for was how Titan – as a data stream – somehow magically closed the rift and kills the Null – it kinda/sorta makes sense– we want it to make sense, but COME ON it’s a bit of a stretch…

But considering how well written and enjoyable this book is overall, it’s a small thing..


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