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Star Trek: The Last Generation January 7, 2009

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To be honest – we’re not usually big fans of IDW’s Star Trek comics – that changes with Star Trek : The Last Generation.

We’ve now read the first two issues and the one word review is :


It’s a Myriad Universe tale – a What If Kirk had been unsuccessful in Star Trek IV from preventing the assassination of the Federation president – basically it means the Klingons take over Earth.

The Next Gen crew are the rebellion – Worf is the gov of Earth and Sulu and the starship Excelsior is the last Federation ship left.

It’s sort of like the ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’ episode of Next Generation – only better in some ways. Guinan again knows that something is wrong with the timeline but this time around she’s romantically involved with Picard!

The art is solid – the characters are true and the plot is fantastic overall.


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