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Shatner Lashes Out at His Helmsman George Takei October 23, 2008

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J J Abrams isn’t the only one snubbing Bill Shatner. George “Sulu” Takei also recently snubbed Takei by apparently not inviting him to his recent wedding.


1. Klassy KaT - October 24, 2008

Chris Doohan wrote on his blog a few years ago that Shatner and his father, James Doohan made up after years of feuding, but at the last minute and the last time they saw each other, William Shatner did a terrible thing to Doohan.

It was the last day of the “Beam me up, Scotty, one last time” convention at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, when all the original Star Trek Stars were to get up on stage for the last time. Although James was ill, he still had his wits about him and was looking forward to this event.

Chris wrote that it was about 5 minutes before the big event, when he heard Shatner (who was right behind Chris, talking to Nimoy) say “I don’t want to deal with all this Alzheimer’s crap anymore, I’m outta here” (Mr. Doohan had the early stages of the disease).

Well, he left and without even saying goodbye to his old pal (I use that term lightly). The crowd of hundred paid good money to see this final event, but Shatner was gone. It was said by the promoter of the event, Sky Conway, that Shatner was mad because he wanted to go on stage earlier in the day with Neil Armstrong, but he refused (Mr. Armstrong is a bit stage shy). It should be known that Leonard Nimoy left too. There was no comment about that mystery.

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