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Star Trek The Last Generation issue#3 Wesley Crusher is a Jerk! January 23, 2009

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Yeaah! We all know that Wesley Crusher was a weenie in The Next Generation and he is one in the alternate reality too.

In this issue he gets a Mohawk and thinks he’s smarter than Picard – dumb a$$!!

That aside, we really enjoyed the first two issues of this series , but this issue start a path that I’m not sure we like.

In order to rid the Earth of the Klingons, Picard wants to travel pack in time to prevent the assassination of the Federation president. Sounds fair enough – the only problem is that the going back in time thing is so overdone in Star Trek. Is that the only way to fix things?

Seems a little lame. Wouldn’t it be great if they could actually just beat the Klingons?


1. -The Klingons - February 1, 2009

Just beat the Klingons? Just beat the KLINGONS?!?!? Foolish Human… We, the Mighty Kingons aren’t a species you can go around and ‘just beat’. Maybe your little Wesley can save you…. AGAIN.
“just beat us…” Thats a good one, wait till I tell the guys in the bat’leth club… What a hoot!

Happy Fun,
-The Klingons

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