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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Last Generation #4 The end of Deanna Troi March 4, 2009

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What a magnificently awesome issue!!! The first three were great but this one just adds a new layer…

Evil Worf has Deanna as his mistress who is in fact a spy for the rebellion – then she gets kills by Worf…wow

Sulu dies taking out Worf..then Picard takes command of Excelsior …what drama!!!

IF ANY STAR TREK MOVIE WAS AS GOOD AS THIS COMIC BOOK SERIES…we’d have best SciFi movie ever…instead of the garbage Star Trek that J J Abrams is about to pollute us with…


1. a REAL sci-fi fan - March 7, 2009

wow you spelled her last name right and deleted my comment….poser

2. showmescifi - March 7, 2009

thanks for the comment dude – we tend to delete spelling/typo comments – but you did notice it so thnx for pointing it out.

You should check our Myriad Universe stuff it really is cool

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[…] wow – straight from Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country – which of course makes sense since this whole series was a what if the Klingons hadn’t made peace with the […]

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