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Become part of a Star Wars Novel! All proceeds going to charity too! April 17, 2009

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Have you ever wanted to be immortalized in the Star Wars universe? That’s you, you’re very own name as a character in a Star Wars novel.

Now’s your chance ..if you’ve got a few $$.

Star Wars authors Karen Miller (she wrote the awesome Clone Wars Wild Space book) and Sean Williams have launched a charity eBay auction to benefit the victims of the February bushfires in Australia.

There are two character slot open and as of todays writing Sean Williams Star Wars Novel character auction has the bidding at just over $200.

The Karen Miller Star Wars Novel character auction is now at $150.

Wild Space : Star Wars Clone Wars- REVIEW January 26, 2009

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wildspace Star Wars Clone Wars Wild Space by Karen Miller is a great book.

It fits into the new Star Wars Clone Wars canon with the animated series (complete with Ashoka). It fits in between Clone Wars Episode 6 and 7 where R2 is lost.

This book isn’t about R2, it’s not about Anakin and though the cover has Clones on it – is not about clones either.

This book is about the Dark Side.

It’s about Obi-Wan Kenobi in one of the personal tales I’ve ever read of his on a trip to a dark Sith world with Senator Bail Organa tagging along.

What makes this book even more interesting is the view into Palpatine as well. There are a few fantastic sections in this book where Palpatine is talking with Yoda but the narrator/author show us his true internal thoughts — and no he doesn’t like Yoda much (Palpatine that is).

There are also great sections with Padme Amidala too and her own internalization during conversations with Obi-Wan and Yoda. In fact this story (at the beginning) does fit in nicely in between the battle of Geonosis and Padmes wedding to Anakin at the end of Episode II.

Overall The writing is smooth and makes for an easy and very enjoyable read. This is easily the best Star Wars book we’ve read so far in 2009 (year is young though) but Miller has done an excellent job here of bringing us even closer to characters we already know in a new and unique way.