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Battlestar Galactica Dee (Dualla) Not Happy She’s Dead January 19, 2009

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Anastasia “Dee” Dualla (Kandyse McClure) is not happy that she got carted off Battlestar Galactica in a body bag.

She didn’t get an invite to the wrap party for the show either and the producers weren’t exactly as up front with her as they could have been when they told her that she was toast.

McClure (Dee) has a great answer that she gave to SciFi wire:

How and when did you know what was in store for Dee?

McClure: Ummmm, how do I be politically correct about this? They didn’t quite … I got a first inkling when there were contract renegotiations, and there were only 13 [episodes] on the table. So I got kind of a clue then, because I was sure there’d be more than 13 episodes in the last season. And even then it was a bit vague. [Later,] I read the script in the hair and makeup trailer, and then very soon afterward I got a call from [executive producer] Ron Moore. He said lovely things. “This is the final season, and we’re bringing a lot of storylines to their close,” and this was part of a bigger plan they had for where the storyline was going. They said they’d enjoyed my work and it had nothing to do with that.


1. Casey Walker - January 19, 2009

After serving as a great member of the cast from day one, it’s pretty cold to not even give Ms. McClure an invite to the wrap party. It’s just plain lame. She’s very talented and I’d work with her in a heart beat.

Casey Walker

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