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Star Wars: Coruscant Nights III Patterns of Force REVIEW Where’s the Zeltron? March 2, 2009

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patternsoftheforceStar Wars Coruscant Nights III Patterns of the Force is a book that we were really looking forward too. We really enjoyed the first book in this series – Jedi Twilight and the second book – Street of Shadows – was solid too.

Patterns of the Force is the weak link in the triology and the worst book of the three. Were it not for the fact that we had already invested our time (and money) into this series, we likely would have given up on this book halfway through.

The sentence, paragraph and scene contruction were painful. Most of the plot was weak and pointless and most of the characters were cardboard cutouts.

What happened to the brilliant prose/plot/characters of the first two books?

WHO THE FRAK ARE THE INQUISITORS??! That all of sudden they should appear in the final book makes no sense at all and shows how poorly this series was constructed.

We knew that there had to be a final showdown with Jax and Darth Vader we didn’t know how he would get there…

[spoiler alert stop reading here if you don’t want to know..]

So how does Jax meetup with Vader? He calls him!


The slow pace and lack of much action in this book really made this painful until the final 4 chapters.

The fact that Dejah Duare the Zeltron betrayed Jax because Jax wouldn’t FRAK HER was kinda neat and something we didn’t see coming. The fact that she then went to embrace Vader (and died) however makes no sense at all.

The fact that Vader did not kill Jax was also disappointing. Jax should have been cut down – yet he wasn’t. So now the publishers can just stretch out the Jax character and use him again…

Oh and I-Five is not only sentient but he has a Force auro too…go figure.

Sure we like Jax he’s cool…but he was overmatched in that room and it would have been a fitting end for him to meet his fate at the end of Vader’s crimson lightsaber.

So in the final analysis Coruscant Nights started off really well with excellent promise – the final book was disappointing – but hey we were ultimately entertained.

I suppose that even though we suffered through the first 20 chapters the final payoff makes it worthwhile.

Star Wars: Coruscant Nights III Patterns of Force out Today! January 27, 2009

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patternsoftheforceThe final book in the Coruscant Nights trilogy is out today (no don’t have a copy yet but should get mine at lunch). We really enjoyed the first book in this series – Jedi Twilight and the second book – Street of Shadows – was solid too.

Now with book three it should all come full circle and we’ll find out the fate of Jax and his crew. Jax is really the true hero and chief protagonist of this series and he’s a likeable character – let’s hope he doesn’t get killed off.

Star Wars:Coruscant Nights II: Street of Shadows September 15, 2008

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Michael Reaves is among the best Star Wars Expanded Universe authors working today and Coruscant Nights II: Street of Shadows is among his best. This book is a new adventures – that continues the same character and timeline as the first Coruscant Nights.

Big difference this time around is Jax is trying to solve a murder – as is Captain Typho (remember him from Episodes I, II and III?) – Aurra Sing the most deadly bounty hunter of them all takes a swing a Jax –  and we’ve got a sexpot Zeltron in the mix too.

It’s a solid book that moves along well with all plotline converging at the end in typical Star Wars fashion. The only weak link might be the Typho storyline…somehow he figures out that Darth Sidious went to Mustafar and then he assumes that Vader was there too so he needs to go after Vader (which is so ridiculous a stretch..)

The sub-plot with Laranth wanting more from Jax was also kinda weak, though the plot dialoge with Dejah The Zeltron was all really solid.

All in all a fun and at times exciting jaunt through the Coruscant underground with a Jedi that has no lightsaber…

The next (and final book – Patterns of Force (Star Wars: Coruscant Nights III)) in the series should be interesting ..Vader is on the cover and the only question is whether or not Jax survives..

Star Wars: Coruscant Nights I : Jedi Twilight (review) August 11, 2008

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Quick Review: Star Wars: Coruscant Night volume I Jedi Twilight is one fun read.

Michael Reaves is a great Star Wars Expanded Universe writer and he delivers with this book. Jax Pavan is a solid new entry into the Star Wars canon of Jedi and his challenge of trying to stay hidden in the force and then re-discovering his connection with the force.

The multiple plot lines interweave very nicely too with the robot, Jedi and Black Sun plots all coming together and crossing paths as they should.

Yes — as the first book in a new series there are a lot of loose threads left at the end of this book. But that’s how it should be cause that will make the next book (Street of the Shadows) and the one after that (Patterns of Force) interesting as those loose ends get tied up.

Like why is Vader interested in Jax? Will Kaird make it home? What’s the deal with Prince Xizor?

No this isn’t a heavy duty series like Legacy of the Force, which is actually a really good thing. Legacy of the Force left us emotionally drained and it’s great to just get into a series like this.