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Battlestar Galactica Season 5 Episode 2 – Gaeta’s Mutiny January 24, 2009

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Second episode of what we’re calling Season 5 (scifi channel is calling it season 4 episode 11) – and we’ve got the making of (yet another) full scale human mutiny.

We’ve had human mutiny before in this show – but this time will be a little different.

Now we’ve got Cylon’s fighting Cylons, Humans fighting humans and you need a score card to figure who is one what side.

And what’s the deal with Calli and Tyrol’s baby?!!! woops sorry Chief you’re not the dad! Hot Dog is the dad and calli was a slut – too bad for you.

What happened to Baltar!!! For the first few seasons he was one of our favorite characters – now he just plain sucks. He doesn’t have visions of Six anymore (and she doesn’t have visions of him) he doesn’t even talk to six. That’s just stoopid and negates three plus years of plot development.

One thing is for sure though – with the (yet another) mutiny on tap we’re in for a whole lot more action in the final 8 episodes of Battlestar Galactica. No doubt Ellen Tigh will be pissed too when she comes back to find Saul with Six and a new cylon baby.

*If you missed the episode live Amazon has it up now on demand –  A Disquiet Follows My Soul


1. Eric - January 30, 2009

Is it me or is season 5 (4.5 or whatever) just not very good. During the whole episode I hoped that someone would kill Gaeta so next episode could concentrate on something more interesting. The character of Gaeta has slowly morphed into the most whiny annoying a-hole that you don’t love to hate…. you just hate. While I will probably watch the rest of the season, I certainly am not waiting for the next episode with baited breath. 2 outta 5 stars and that’s only because there was some good action.

2. Jon - January 31, 2009

Is anyone sure why Baltar is not having visions of Six anymore? Agreed, that simply blows…it was the best part.
After tonight’s mutiny episode, I find it comical that the Non-rebel Cylons haven’t tracked or attacked the fleet. Weren’t we jumping episode after episode several seasons ago just to keep ahead of them? Now all of a sudden they’re no where to be found?
So with Adama’s TONs of years of service on Galactica, Gaeta can pull off a mutiny and NO one is loyal enough to Adama, Lee, Starbuck, or even Helo to warn them of an impending takeover. Hell, even one of Baltar’s cultists should of heard something – kinda far fetched imo.
The dying leader will know the secret of the opera house? Really? When? How was Kara the Harbinger of death? How was six in Baltar’s head for 3 seasons? If Ellen was the 5th, why didn’t she resurrect?
I’m thinking my favorite show is starting to suck….bad, and if Adama is dead next week – it’s my last episode.

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