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Fringe Season 5 Episode 1: The Battle to Save Mankind is About to Begin – Awesome episode September 28, 2012

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Fringe Season Five Episode one was one solid episode.

The year is 2036 and the battle to save mankind is about to begin. Wow what a great way to set the tone for a season. This isn’t a show about ‘fringe’ events anymore it’s a year-long final season battle against the observers.

And how about those observers, brutal and almost Borg – like.

one of them even said – Resistance is Futile !

The nice family reunion between Peter, Olivia and Henrietta was also really dramatic and impactful. Sure was funny that the amber gypsies sold Olivia and then the dude used her as a coffee table…

and as always it’s the little things that make sense in this show – like the Dandelion on the otherwise grey street at the end of the episode as Walter listens to music and restores his brain.

Now how will the resistance fight back? How will Henrietta keep her job at Fringe? We’ve got a full season to find out!


Fringe Season 5: Why We Hope It will Be the Best Season EVER September 26, 2012

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Yes we loved the first three seasons of Fringe.

We did not like (most of) Season 4 though – it just didn’t make sense – did it?

that’s why we can’t hardly wait for Season 5 to get started…it has a chance to right the wrongs of Season4 and end this show on string of awesomeness.

The first three seasons were all about the ‘pattern’ the alternate universe and closing the gap. The fourth was about….? what? it was all over the place. If the show had ended right at the end of the third season it would have worked for us.

But the show still has legs, Walter is still an amazing character (as are peter and olivia) and the future world where Peter has just been thawed out from the amber that Season 4 will be all about is really really cool.

here’s our first sneak peak at the first episode and it’s looking sharp. Fringe, Season 5 – Fringe starts this Friday.

Fringe – If you Meet Buddha on the Road, Kill Him! January 21, 2011

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#If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him! The Pilgrimage of Psychotherapy Patients – yeaah it’s a real book (only $8 at amazon).
This episode of Fringe was like no other – the thread of time travel has never been so well integrated. Sure we’ve had cause and effect before in Fringe..remember the guy that just by dropping a pencil could kill someone?

So now we learn that Peter caught a firefly and the end result was that Rosco Jones son got run over. The boy travels forward 25 yrs and then goes back, calling his dad before he dies to let him know that he traveled forward…astounding.

But what about that final twist?

The observer shooting Peter? then somehow Peter is saved gets a headached, drink the bad milk, thereby saving Walter.


That said the observers did spell it out for us at the end “..he was willing to let his son die and when the time comes he will do it again.”

Fringe – Walter Owns Massive Dynamic September 30, 2010

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So Walter is now the richest man in the U.S?


That’s a neat twist that has lots of dramatic potential.

The olivia from the other side is also really interesting –yeah she’s an evil beeatch, but she’s still cool isn’t she?

And why was the components of the mega weapon on the wrong side? And why is Peter the key to making it work?

Fringe Season 2 ep3 Fracture : Tinman is the Watcher October 2, 2009

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Sooo there is a solid connection between the Watcher and the other universe.

The little side show in this second episode of season 2 of Fringe(Fracture
)  with Col. Gordon was kinda neat in that he was been hunting the watcher on his own.

why he felt the need to blow ppl up just because the guy had a briefcase full of picture of Walter is beyond me though. That was just dumb.

Fringe – The Comic Book? January 29, 2009

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Regular ShowMeSciFi.com readers know we’re big fans of Fringe here – apparently there is now a comic book out too!

It’s a prequel of sorts digging into the early work that Walter did prior to him going nuts. Apparently it’s a licensed tie-in and will reveal some secrets that also tie-in with the founding of massive dynamics by William Bell.

In an interview with CBR writer Mike Johnson said:

Walter is an interesting character to write because in the “Fringe” comic stories, he’s a “different guy” than the one we see on the show. “He’s young, he’s just starting his career, and most importantly he’s not crazy,” offered Johnson. “At least not in the conventional way, but we put hints in there that all will not end up well in his world.

Sounds neat, but wouldn’t this also be great as a direct to DVD or made for TV prequel?