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Fringe Season 5: Why We Hope It will Be the Best Season EVER September 26, 2012

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Yes we loved the first three seasons of Fringe.

We did not like (most of) Season 4 though – it just didn’t make sense – did it?

that’s why we can’t hardly wait for Season 5 to get started…it has a chance to right the wrongs of Season4 and end this show on string of awesomeness.

The first three seasons were all about the ‘pattern’ the alternate universe and closing the gap. The fourth was about….? what? it was all over the place. If the show had ended right at the end of the third season it would have worked for us.

But the show still has legs, Walter is still an amazing character (as are peter and olivia) and the future world where Peter has just been thawed out from the amber that Season 4 will be all about is really really cool.

here’s our first sneak peak at the first episode and it’s looking sharp. Fringe, Season 5 – Fringe starts this Friday.


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