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Fringe Season 5 Episode 1: The Battle to Save Mankind is About to Begin – Awesome episode September 28, 2012

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Fringe Season Five Episode one was one solid episode.

The year is 2036 and the battle to save mankind is about to begin. Wow what a great way to set the tone for a season. This isn’t a show about ‘fringe’ events anymore it’s a year-long final season battle against the observers.

And how about those observers, brutal and almost Borg – like.

one of them even said – Resistance is Futile !

The nice family reunion between Peter, Olivia and Henrietta was also really dramatic and impactful. Sure was funny that the amber gypsies sold Olivia and then the dude used her as a coffee table…

and as always it’s the little things that make sense in this show – like the Dandelion on the otherwise grey street at the end of the episode as Walter listens to music and restores his brain.

Now how will the resistance fight back? How will Henrietta keep her job at Fringe? We’ve got a full season to find out!



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