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Ghostbusters The Other Side #4 – So that’s how it ends?! January 21, 2009

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The final issue of the Ghostbusters : The Other Side series is out ..and we don’t like it (much).

The first couple of issues were ok but the big question we had was how are the Ghostbusters going to make it back to the land of the living?

This issue answers that in the lamest possible way – and in a way that makes the rest of this series a waste of time.

They find a rift and walk through – woohoo. How does that work? Doesn’t make sense.

Ghostbusters : The Other Side issues 1&2 – I ain’t afraid of no ghost December 1, 2008

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We all remember the classic Ghostbusters movie – but what happens after the movie?

 That’s where this new comic series comes in – the basic plotline in issues 1&2 is that that Ghostbusters get ‘whacked’ and end up as Ghosts themselves.

What happens when a Ghostbuster becomes a ghost?

Good question – so far (issue 1 and 2) it’s alot of figuring out what’s going on – but i suspect that issued 3 and 4 we’ll actually see the answer appear.

Will they become ‘mortal’ again? i dunno – but i’d bet so – in any event – solid storytelling and decent art makes this a fun read.