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Tron Legacy – First Game Trailer – Tron Evolution June 17, 2010

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Remember the great Intellivision games that came out when Tron debuted?

They were specifically for the Intellivoice Module and they were awesome. This time around, we’re still months away from the movie and the games but we’ve got our first trailer…

Tron Evolution the video game before Tron Legacy December 14, 2009

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The original Tron movie was all about living inside a video game – and the same will be true for Tron 2 – now known as Tron Legacy.

The first official Tron Legacy game is called Tron Evolution and is set to be out in 2010.

Yeaah it looks like Deadly Disks are back, Solar Surfer too – remember those great intellivision games from the 80’s…we sure do those were the first great Intellivoice games…