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Stargate Universe Renewed – Will be back for 20 episodes in Season 2 December 14, 2009

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The good folks at SyFy are so very much unlike the idiots that run Fox – aren’t they?

Today SyFy announced that Stargate Universe is being picked for a second season.

That’s good news.

No Stargate Universe is not the best iteration of Stargate – the first season so far has had an equal share of hits to misses – and it really does seem like Voyager meets 90210.

But it is evolving with each episode and it’s a show that despite some of our first negativity is actually starting to grow on us ..

That’s why a decent scifi show needs at least two – if not 3 or more seasons to mature.

Let’s just hope that Stargate Universe does mature beyond its pre-pubescent approach that we’ve seen so far..


1. Pckat - December 20, 2009

I wont be watching it, I quit after they had the women kissing. There is a time and place for everything, this want it.

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