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Stargate Universe SGU Gin RETURNS!! March 30, 2011

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Hope – we sure had it when Gin died – or at least when her body died.

We didn’t believe she was actually dead. Eli is the best character on the show and he wasn’t going to cheated that way.

So now his girlfriend -and Dr. Rush’s Amanda Perry are both back as sentients inside of Destiny – neat.

But how is it that only specific people see them? Is it some kind of brain wavelength thing?

How will they get them into new bodies? Maybe into robot bodies?

Once again – another awesome episode and once again we’re DISGUSTED that the frakking idiots at Syfy have cancelled this brilliant show.


1. Juan Pablo - March 31, 2011

Not sure.. but I guees they got 2 robots now… 😀

2. Chris - April 9, 2011

Now all they need is a crossover with BSG to get them robotic bodies. haha.

3. MadMax - April 10, 2011

SyFy idiots cancel their best shows. I really hope they get picked up by showtime.

4. MadMax - April 10, 2011

Once again SyFy cancels their best show!! I really hope they keep Gin going, she is a good character.

5. Bahamut - April 13, 2011

Eli is an reflection of myself, to the point that i sometimes wonder if my life is being watched and analyzed like truman from the movie truman show starring jim carey. when they killed off GIN, i went on the warpath. . . when they brought her back, i geeked out COMPLETELY. Now. .. gin is gone, my outrage is almost uncontainable.

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