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Stargate Universe (SGU) Destiny’s Destiny is a Mission to find God November 13, 2010

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The Greater Good episode (–click to catch in Amazon), was one of the best episodes of SGU yet.

Finally, the crew get to see the bridge and FINALLY beat Rush at his own game.


But WTF is the nonsense about Destiny’s mission?  A mission to find…the construct behind the background cosmic radiation??

DESTINY is on a Mission to Find GOD.

Remind anyone of Star Trek V? (and yeaah that movie sucked).

If Destiny’s mission really is about finding the higher power behind the big bang — this show could suffer…

That said, we’re worried about Gin — and given the dark slant of this show, she’s likely in a world of trouble.


1. Tom Baker - November 17, 2010

Star Trek V sucked because Paramount was worried about how people who don’t believe in God would respond to the movie the way it was intended to be (is what I heard from Shatner and Nimoy at a Star Trek convention). He said it would have been much better if the higher ups would have kept their hands off the script after it was already finalized.

Who knows if this is true but they were very convincing when they explained what went wrong with the movie.

2. Akryn - November 22, 2010

Destiny’s mission is NOT to find god but too find out what was the artificial structure that was hidden in the radiation of the big bang. but the ancients never went back to the ship because they probably know what it is now. that is destiny’s true mission to find out what the structure was. this is goging to make the book i am writing more adventurous. since the race they came from were better than the ancients

3. Zane - May 15, 2012

Why are portions of the population OCD about god and religion? The whole world is not christian. Why do people have to bring god into a story that has nothing to do with god or religion? Why cant you just enjoy a story for what it is? LET IT GO. Your religion is not the center of the universe. It is just a story, there is no deeper meaning, there is no political statements or hidden agendas. It is a story and nothing more.

Barbera - March 9, 2013

You should look up the definition of OCD.

4. Barbera - March 9, 2013

Everything has to do with God, automatically. It’s kind of funny that the Ancients would think that the answer was in a different galaxy somewhere. They were, are, a very interesting race. They assumed that they were capable of solving the mystery on their own, without any sort of belief, which is kind of the popular thought now days. It worked for them, since they were able to ascend, but gives the wrong idea that people are capable of being gods. I think that everyone knows, instinctively, that there is a higher purpose, but have a difficult time admiting their own limitations. The goal, to find the answers about creation, is interesting, but unrealistic.

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