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Stargate Universe SGU Novus is a cool planet, but why no FTL? April 26, 2011

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wow that was one heck of an awesome two parter.
We’ve had many episodes where the crew of the destiny are stuck on one planet or another. But now we see a future where destiny’s crew really did get stuck. No surprise that tj and young hookup, James and varo was a surprise..
The more amazing part is the city the survivors descendants built…and all without Rush.

But with all their advancement how come the ppl of Novus never built FTL drives?


1. Nikola.B - May 7, 2011

They probably didn’t have time research FTL technology.Because of the whole planet tearing apart thing

2. frshjfhj - May 14, 2011

the answers pretty obvious, they didn’t have FTL for the same reason the tudors didn’t have jets THEY WHERE NO WHERE NEAR ADVANCED ENOUGH!!! I mean they where still using nukes and radios for god sake, most of the races we see in Stargate that have FTL or hyper drive are supper advanced and have been past stuff the that for hundreds of years earth only has it because we stool it from the Goa’uld
the big question (I think) isn’t why didn’t they FTL that simply answered by that fact weren’t advanced enough, that the big question why weren’t they advanced enough they stated out with the knowledge of some of the best scientists and eniners earth has to offer and 2000 years letter their still using radio masts, I can only imagine having a smaller population and only 2 countries led to less innovation

3. SGU Knight - July 18, 2011

Simple Answer: There was no need.
1) They have a Stargate network already designed to take them to the nearest habitable worlds, and they can leapfrog as far out as they would want to migrate.
2) Worlds that aren’t habitable would have provided additional resources that no one would have felt bad about mining. And with 21st century or more level tech, they could even have gone to airless planets if the need struck them.
3) If you have contragravity tech (as shown in Epilogue: those weren’t rocket ships lifting off) and the ability to cross a 30+ light year void in just a couple hundred years, that means your drives can hit at least 10-15% of lightspeed. At those speeds, you could get to a mercury or venus orbit in under 10 hours, and could get to mars or the asteroid belt in under a week. They probably had the run of their solar system.

Between all of that, and with all of those resources, the need for an FTL drive might have been under research, but not a priority until it was too late: the black hole cometh.

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