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Stargate Universe SGU Season 2 – “We Blow A Lot Of Shit Up” September 25, 2010

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Season 2 of Stargate Universe/ SGU starts this coming Tuesday and the good folks at SyFy are actively out promoting the show.

ShowMeSciFi.com was on one press call with Ming Na and Lou Diamond Phillips where they talked about their experiences on the show, what its like to be part of Stargate and all kinds of other really lame questions.

There was at least one really great question that was asked – and kinda/sorta answered. The two SGU actors were asked what there favorite Season 2 episode were….

No major spoiler were divulged but Phillips did hint at some massive action to come.

“There is an increased amount of action,” Phillips said. “There is a definite membership out there in fandom that will appreciate the action adventure aspect of some of the episodes coming up– we blow a lot of shit up.”

And here is the actual audio track from the call – where the SGU actors tell us about their fav Season 2 episodes.


1. Andre Smith - December 30, 2010

So sad that it ended so soon. Could have been great like SG-1.

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