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Stargate Universe – Divided was one AWESOME episode. Military 1 Civillians 0 April 12, 2010

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Stargate Universe is a GREAT show. You need to look no further than this weeks episode Divided to see that.

Rush and the civilians try to take over the ship – but loose out to the military that take it right back.

Wasn’t it sweet to see Col Young just walk into the room where Rush was – after the mutiny? What drama!

Chloe is also clearly a beeatch choosing Rush over her sleeping buddy – not the right choice for her. And let’s hope Eli doesn’t fall for her either.

Somehow the crew will get along – or not – but it just adds to the dynamic aboard that makes this show so much fun to watch. Added to that is the ongoing power issue with Destiny itself. Eli and Rush will need to figure out how to get more power so they can have full shield and be able to return fire when next the super-Asgard attack.


1. Trevor - April 13, 2010

What they need to do is take control of the ship! They currently are at the mercy of where it want’s to go and when it wants to recharge. I love this show though, and come on they can’t out think Col Young so easily.

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