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Stargate Universe SGU Finale – Eli is the Last Man Standing May 15, 2011

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E We are still DISGUSTED by the FRAKKING IDIOTS at SyFy for cancelling this show..

but first let us lament the best of the best.


From the very first episode to now — the very last, Eli has been our favorite character.

He’s the guy we all associate with, the game player that never lived up to expectation..kinda like the Last Starfighter, only a heck of alot smarter.

Eli is the man that figured out the final chevron.

Eli is the one that figure out how to pilot through the blue star

Eli is the one that figured it was better to run than to fight.

And it is only fitting that he is the last man standing.

SGU was a fine show, the last 10 episodes were among the best Stargate episodes in any version of Stargate SG-1, Atlantis or otherwise. There is more story to tell and more life left is this franchise.

Apparently SyFy would rather broadcast wrestling and mixed martial arts than SciFi.

We suggest that all SyFy subscribers cancel their subscription to the channel – since it doesn’t support SciFi any more.

Fringe is on FOX.

Doctor Who is on BBC America.

And when Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome come on – you can just buy it on iTunes. No need to support the FRAKKERS that cancelled SGU is there?


1. joeclubkid - May 16, 2011

I really did feel bullied when everyone was going around saying “save sgu by watching live” I knew it was bullshit, but I still watched it live. Well one thing is a fact, this is the 21st century with DVR’s, TiVo, & iTunes.

The networks are just pissing and moaning just like the record industry did before with Napster. Well now songs cost .99 Too bad, adapt. Same thing with the way we watch television.

When & if I do watch SyFy it will be on my terms and it will be a cold day in hell the day I do’t fast forward thru every single one of their commercials.

Ten years ago I had a big book of music cd’s in my car. Now I carry thousands on my iPod / iPhone. Adapt or be left behind. Thats the bottom line.

joeclubkid - May 16, 2011

Sorry for the typos, I was just banging away at the keys…

HIATUS HATER - May 17, 2011

SYFY is owned by NBC. NBC has always came in last place in ratings. Why, because their line-up blows. If they stumble upon a decent show, they always put it on a “HIATUS” which seems till the end of time & change the viewing time with little or No notice. The end result is people lose interest,ratings drop & the show is canceled. This practice is now being forced on the SYFY channel. This is “BS”. The viewer in return spends all this time watching the show, the “HIATUS” comes into play and then its a flip of the coin if you ever see the show again. Pretty much all the networks are following this crap now. What they charge for TV, be it Cable or Satelitte, it isn’t worth it anymore. If a show makes it more than a season download it off the internet. Some shows the “HIATUS” HAS KILLED; Stargate Universe, The Event, “V”, The Gates, (almost Fringe), Terminator; The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Jericho, Moonlight and the list goes on. In return they gives us “Reality Shows”. A bunch of people walking around acting like retards. You can’t count on 1 hand how many shows SYFY has running that isn’t a reality show, wresting, (cooking shows, are you serious). Bottom line is SYFY is a joke, which have joined the ranks of NBC, ABC, CBS & FOX.

2. Scythe - May 16, 2011

Although this was intended to be a cliffhanger episode, I had found it to be a powerful and extraordinarily touching swansong for the (embattled) series.
I TOTALLY agree with the author of this post and have posted commentary on other websites regarding the untimely, yet unsurprising demise of ANOTHER sci-fi series from this “network” (pardon my language). I feel as though since SG-1 was initially phoenixed by Showtime, perhaps the network executives there might be interested in picking up SGU as well as all of the new subscribers that would follow…especially between seasons of Dexter (just a marketing thought).
I have already cancelled SyFy and will not be drawn into the vortex of “Blood and Chrome.” You are correct in positing itunes for my program choices. Don’t spend the money, cast and crew of “Blood and Chrome,” you’ve been yellow-lit (at best) by the same network that aired/funded/ruined Farscape, SG-Atlantis, Galactica and Caprica. SyFy, I, for one, have pulled your hand from my pocket and your manipulations from my psyche. “For God and Country…GERONIMO! GERONIMO! GERONIMO!” NKIA! (Network Killed In Action!)

3. Chris - May 22, 2011

Eli is my favorite character as well. I was quite happy to see him as the last man standing. I wonder how next season would have gone when Eli had finally proven to everyone that he is smarter than Rush… assuming he were to survive that is.

4. Dan - June 13, 2011

I wouldn’t be surprised if SGU made a come-back in some shape or form. IMO this is the best stargate yet, although it had a slightly shoddy start.

I’d say Rush was my favorite character.

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