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Star Trek XI – NCC-1701 New Enterprise Pic May 8, 2008

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Thanks to cineuruguay who commented about this new pic (click on the image to see full screen!!).

This sure look legit and expands on the early NCC-1701 pics that we saw with the first trailer.

The big differences over the classic NCC-1701 are the transparent top covering on the warp nascells as well as the oval covering at the front of the nascells (as opposed to the scoop type from the classic/movie version).

The back part of the main saucer section is also a little different with some kind of groove there for…what? Photon torpedos I guess?

Overall the ship looks a little ‘stubbier’ than the classic or even movie versions of NCC-1701..not sure why they would FRAK with the NCC-1701 that appeared in Star Trek 1-3 but hey…Abrams thinks he’s doing as a favor I guess by redoing the ship and re-writing the Star Trek canon.

NCC-1701.COM Watch Star Trek XI ‘s Enterprise being built January 22, 2008

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Time to get excited Star Trek XI fans.

Looks like there is an UNDER CONSTRUCTION site for Star Trek XI’s NCC-1701.

The site? Why it’s of course — what else would it be?

There are four cameras of the shipyard (i’m still hoping it’s Utopia Planetia) showing different stuff under construction..trick is you have to bring each camera into focus which by changing the frequency.

Sure you could try and figure it out yourself but why bother? Here are the frequencies:

camera 1 frequency of 555 (99.1%)

camera 2 frequency 120 (99.5%)

camera 4 frequency 289 (100% )

Now Camera 3 is the money shot! It only comes up every so often and it’s a pic of the interior of the new Star Trek XI NCC-1701 interior!!!

It looks ALOT like a TNG interior to me…i wonder if they’ll decide to put in a holodeck too..