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New Star Trek XI Starfleet Uniform January 24, 2008

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Until now most Starfleet Uniforms have been military yet not militaristic (if you know what I mean

Sure in ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’ we saw a stiffer collar as the Federation battled the Klingons but…

Star Trek XI is going the Imperial route..or so it would seem.

JFXonline has posted some intriguing pics of the new Starfleet uniform.

It really does look like a knock off from Star Wars Imperial wardrobe with the hat and all.

Never before have we seen Starfleet personnel with hat as part of the Uniform. It also looks like they’re tossing out the oh-so-hip shirt look off the classic series and the vested look of the early Star Trek movies too.

Too early to say what this is all about..but one thing is for sure – J.J Abrams is messing with alot of stuff.

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1. monster7of9 - January 24, 2008

Oh, frak. I am not crazy about this.

2. Kenny - January 25, 2008

I am guessing that this is merely the costume for subordinate characters outside the main/core enterprise command structure… well that sounds really convoluted, but what I mean is that this is probably not the look that Kirk, McCoy, Spock, etc. will wear. I am guessing that this person is either play a low ranking maintenance person or perhaps someone working on the construction of the Enterprise. The latter of these two options seems more probable as the only released film footage is of the Enterprise’s contruction on earth (so no need for Enviromental Suites). God I sound like a geek analyzing it this much!

3. John Campbell Rees - January 26, 2008

So, how will they explain the women in Starfleet going from this very brutal military outfit, to the cosmic callgirl outfits of the original series?

4. monster7of9 - January 26, 2008

If this is to be a re-imagine universe, I’ll give it a shot. If it turns out to be one of those alternate – mirror, mirror universe crap, I will be really upset if that’s the case.

5. purpleslog - January 26, 2008

Didn’t they have hat’s on ST:E?

6. monster7of9 - January 26, 2008

I remember them wearing baseball caps.

7. Duman - February 13, 2008

Why not stay with the original uniforms of the Original Series. Keep the Gold, Blue, and Red. If he is going back to when Kirk and Spock first met, the first original episode is the bases for that. Why “Bite of off” Star Wars?

8. Zach - May 7, 2009

I believe that is the Starfleet Academy Cadet-Trainers Uniform, Spock wears one while at command, i’ve just come from watching Star Trek, it’ totally awsome
and yes they do keep the original uniforms as seen in tos just udated to look like they fit between ENT and TNG

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