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Harrison Ford reunites with Chewbacca – It’s not pretty July 28, 2011

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Finally after all these years Han Solo has reconnected with Chewbacca …on late night TV.

It’s a fun little bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live that will have every Star Wars fans laughing up a fur ball for the walking carpet


Indiana Jones and the Transdimensional Aliens June 25, 2008

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Finally got around to seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – likely could have just been called – Indiana Jones and the Transdimensional Aliens.

This movie was a real let down for me – weak plot – tired acting and action that wasn’t terribly exciting.

Now if Indy or Mutt got abducted by the Aliens and hunted for archeological treasures on a different planet ….

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull TRAILER February 14, 2008

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It’s not as easy as it used to be…

Blade Runner Returns for Final Cut December 18, 2007

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Today is the day. Finally the Final Cut of Blade Runner is out!!

Depending on your level of interest there are a number of different collections that are out now..there is aBlade Runner (Five-Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition)
, Blade Runner (Four-Disc Collector’s Edition)and then there is the Blade Runner – The Final Cut (Two-Disc Special Edition) itself which you can get in a simple two disc collection.

Considering how many versions  on VHS and DVD I’ve already owned..the only purchase I’m making is for the Final Cut.

Even though Blade Runner is 25 years old..the Final Cut is a renewed version. Not just simple things like the odd special effects tweak, but actual new footage too -director Ridley Scott has actually redone the awesome scene with ZHORA where Decker (Harrison Ford) shoots her and she goes crashing through all the retail windows.

In the two disc Final Cut version the second disc is a 3.5 hour documentary called Dangerous Days which is all about the making and mythos of Blade Runner.

Blade Runner is one of the rare breed of SciFi classics that actually get better with each release..though of course everyone has their preference if they want the Decker narrated version or not – personally i like the narration but i know that I’m in the minority.

Every SciFi movie made since 1982 has been influenced by Blade Runner and as such this Final Edition should find a home in every SciFi fan’s DVD.