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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles 1×7 Ballerina February 25, 2008

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Nice. We get a rehash of more Terminator 2 stuff with a new Dr. Silverman (this one isn’t nearly a neurotic).

Did Sarah actually save the FBI agent? That sure was some ‘weird’ cinematography there wasn’t it?

And Cameron?? Man oh  man is she one scary Terminator …now she’s a ballerina too.

All told yet another really solid episode of Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles. Our only complaint is that next week is the season finale?! How does that happen??? Since when does episodes make a season? I know we had the writers strike to deal with but still..8 episodes is NOT A FULL SEASON!


1. John Campbell Rees - February 26, 2008

A message Britain. Welcome to our World, where 6 part series are the norm, 8 part series are considered long and the 13 series that “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” enjoy are as rare as hen’s teeth.

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