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Star Trek Phase II Set for a New Voyage February 19, 2008

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Looks like Star Trek New Voyages (the awesome fan produces classic trek stuff) is changing its name to Star Trek Phase II.

Now for me personally Star Trek Phase II holds a lot of meaning. I’ve had a copy of Star Trek Phase II on my shelf for many years.

In 1977 Star Trek Phase II would have brought back Star Trek to network TV.

A footnote in Star Trek history, few people realize how close Star Trek Phase II came to full-scale production.

All of the actors were signed except Leonard Nimoy, whose Spock character would have been replaced by a young Vulcan, Xon. Sets and props were designed and constructed. New models, including a never seen model of the U.S.S. Enterprise, were built. A special effects company was hired, and scripts were written, including a two-hour teleplay that would have been the pilot for the series. But, the plans for the network were canceled, and Paramount decided to shift gears to feature film production, shutting down the television series — less than two weeks before the beginning of principal photography. The result of this decision was Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

This is the story of the lost Star Trek series. Including full behind-the-series information on the show that almost-but didn’t-happen. Full of never-before-seen color artwork, storyboards, blueprints, technical information and photos: Star Trek Phase II reveals the vision behind Gene Roddenberry’s lost glimpse of the future.

So will New Voyages recreate what Star Trek Phase II might have been? We can only hope…


1. Tan - February 21, 2008

The concpet art for the ship for Phase II was odd to say the least. I read William Shatner’s Movie Memories novel a while back, some interesting ideas they had. Ironic also that the Phase II scripts saved TNG during the writer’s strike.

2. Star Trek Phase II : Blood and Fire…30 yrs later… « Show Me SciFi - September 5, 2008

[…] and Fire is in our opinion the best of the best for Star Trek Phase II. It’s all action and battle against the mortal enemy of the classic crew..the Klingons.. […]

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