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Terminator Salvation From the Ashes (movie prequel) is great stuff May 24, 2009

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terminatorsalvation.bookFrom the Ashes by Timothy Zahn is a pretty good book – oh and its also the prequel to the new Terminator Salvation movie too.

It basically sets up the conditions so we understand where John Connor is …that is not part of the main Resistance (yet) and the position of Kyle Reese who is hanging out in a place called Moldering Ashes.

Yeaah there is some action in this book, the last several chapter are nothing but action — but the real keys are the characters and the setting…stuff that the big movie just doesn’t have time to explain.

Zahn of course is a great SciFi writer on his own, so the quality of pacing and writing is superb in this book. This is a must-read for all Terminator fans!


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